Calne’s vineyard trumps all others, Matthew Jukes “The finest English red wine in the country”

Englands finest red is the local vineyard Maud Heath!

I quote from Matthew Jukes’ guide to the best English wines in the Daily Mail weekend magazine sept 10th 2016


” We undoubtedly produce world class white sparkling wine, as we saw in the first part of this collection last week. But what of other styles of english wine?

While our cool climate is fantastic for producing fizz, it’s usually not sunny enough to ripen red grapes fully and until recently our reds and roses were as thin on the ground as they were on the palate.These days, though, some ‘sun trap’ vineyards with slopes in sheltered south-facing spots are using judicious viticulture- now being taught at a few uk colleges- to produce worthy reds and roses; and those that have made these pages are very special indeed.”

Mathew Jukes only  mentioned 47 vineyards out of the hundreds in England in this two week look into the best  of English wines.  Only one red made it onto this  prestigious list I quote:-

Star wine: 2014 Tytherton Red. Made from 86% pinot noir and 14% Rondo and seeing three months in French Oak barrels,this is the finest English red wine in the country.Weighing in at only 12.5 per cent alcohol it is not going to tire you out either. Showing real talent and with a flavour to turn heads, this is a genuine red alert for our home grown wine industry!


What this really means is this,England can do  good sparkling consistently,no problem. White wines in my experience is 50% are bang on delivering high quality and 50% are simply not. The holy grail in English wine making is producing a red consistently.The maxim is if you can produce a crackingly good red then you can easily produce quality whites and sparkling. But not all top sparkling wines can produce a decent red.

This Maud Heath vineyard has the X factor in bucket loads. Matthew jukes  confirmation  that Maud Heath’s  Tytherton red is simply England’s finest red  along with my close observations over the last 5 years of this vineyard,my prediction is that this vineyard will be the first to produce a quality red every year.

Photos of grapes, actually used to produce the 2014 Maud heathTytherton red .

What I love about The Maud heath vineyard story is it’s the David and Goliath story line, the big boys with all their money etc should have been able to claim this ‘Finest red in England’ but it has gone to  a hard working family, slowly but surely, doing one of the hardest things to do in my mind which is growing a successful vineyard on a budget.

What’s to look forward to?

Their new vintage of white 100% Bacchus, simply stunning.The new  rose is simply their best so far,bearing in mind their previous ones were fantastic.

I consider myself so lucky to have my shop just 3 miles down the road from this wonderful vineyard.

Their facebook page is Maud Heath vineyard