‘Bringing Home The Bacon’ book
‘Bringing Home The Bacon’ book

the story of the theft of Wiltshire’s Bronze Pigs
by Dee La Vardera
illustrated by Richard Cowdy

Robbed, recovered, restored
The much-loved bronze pigs taken from Calne in October
2017, found their way home, thanks to the power of social
A story for all ages written by Dee La Vardera and
illustrated by Richard Cowdy, sculptor of Two Pigs.

Available for collection  at the shop or http://www.dewfall-hawk.com/

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10 Gin Sat Nav Books for £45.00  incl postage (UK only)
10 Gin Sat Nav Books for £45.00 incl postage (UK only)

Special deal for those who want to sell the books through their outlets, or give staff a little bonus.( For Trade enquiries  Save further £5 use contact form )

With this book as your guide, you can master the jigsaw that is the world of Gin, Tonics and Garnishes.
Whether you are an ardent Gin fan or just starting out on your Gin tasting journey, this book simplifies the process of working out what goes with what, where your preferences are in relation to others and how best to chronicle your journey.

After reading this book, the pieces will click into place and you will cruise through the world of Gin Fests and Gin tastings like a Pro.

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A premium set of 12 specially selected superior culinary botanicals to add to your gin drinks. This set provides you an exciting mix of world botanicals created especially for you to infuse your gin and tonic or gin cocktail.These botanicals will lift the flavour of any gin, whilst adding complexity and enhancing its taste. You can also experiment by trying various flavour combinations across the range of botanicals provided. Each botanical is presented in its own lidded tin to maintain freshness. Full instructions are also provided as well as a description of each botanical. Simply select which botanicals you wish to infuse your gin and tonic with, then sprinkle the recommended portion size into your drink or bottle of gin.This luxury gin gift set makes for a fantastic talking point at cocktail parties as well as a brilliant accompaniment to any bottle of gin.

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Calne’s  Pig in Gin
Calne’s Pig in Gin


Where’s The Pig in Gin?

Only available at The New Wine Shop.

Trade: Contact thenewwineshop@gmail.com

( AWRS number is XEAW 000 0011 2721)

Online orders are sent out 1st class signed for by Royal Mail.( Royal mail only allow a single bottle per posting )

Outside of Xmas period,  Delivery is usually two to three days.



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Gin Sat Nav and Botanical set
Gin Sat Nav and Botanical set



Great gift Idea, the book and gin botanicals set for £29.99  (1 x box of 12 botanicals and 1 copy of The Gin Sat Nav book)

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Gin Tutorial Intermediate 10th July 2019 or Round 2 !
Gin Tutorial Intermediate 10th July 2019 or Round 2 !

Having done the Basic tutorial, you get a good idea of the styles of Gin out there, the ideal tonic/gin ratios and the dramatic effects garnish can make.

The Intermediate tutorial develops on this by showing how and allowing you to taste new gins and allocate them to one of the 25 grids on The Gin Sat Nav chart. The Art of Discernment is not so much about yes I like it, or No I do not. But rather ‘ i think this is more like this style because or this is well balanced, distinctive because etc’ so developing a vocabulary that is appropriate and fun.

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Hermitage 1914 Borderies cognac
Hermitage 1914 Borderies cognac

The New Wine shop has tried some cognacs in its time. This is the one to beat.

The liquid is the most exquisite cognac we have ever tasted. The ‘ Rancio’ is stunning.

(Rancio is the flavour, mark of uniqueness, rarity and complexity. Rancio is the smell of the time.)

So much quality, so little stocks, so much to miss, so much richness, so much balance…. so…… I have given it the golden buzzer treatment,  I have included it in the Bucket List


Cognac Masters 2012 – Master Award

This exceptionally rare and sought after cognac was found in an old cellar to the north of Cognac. Just don’t hang about, there are not many bottles left in the world.

“My most prized bottle is a 1914 Cognac Hermitage Borderies which has an incredible spectrum of flavours, from toffee to walnuts.” Olly Smith, Journalist & TV Presenter

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Jute gift bag, single
Jute gift bag, single

Please note

If you want a double bag (holds two bottles)buy two singles. if you want a triple bag (holds three bottles) pay for three singles.

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Maud Heath ‘Tytherton red’
Maud Heath ‘Tytherton red’


Please note now on 2017 vintage click http://thenewwineshop.co.uk/product/maud-heath-tytherton-red-2017/

Matthew Jukes of the Daily Mail weekend magazine in his guide to the best  English wines .…. “One unmissable red”  and ” This is the finest English red wine in the country” Sept 10th 2016

(Max 12 bottles per customer) local delivery upto 10 miles from SN11 0BJ), please check for availability 01249 812381

*** This wine has been produced with Zero Dosage *** In English wine making, this is as rare as hen’s teeth.

Deep crimson red in colour with aromas of cassis and red plum on the nose.The palate is medium bodied with a soft silky texture and a long finish.This wine is drinking well now but will continue to develop over the next three years. Available from the The New wine shop.

(General Free delivery on orders of 12 bottles or more of wine can be mixed) up to 10miles from SN11 0BJ

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Maud Heath ‘Tytherton’ Red
Maud Heath ‘Tytherton’ Red

For the latest vintage and the superb review of the 2017 ‘Tytherton Red’  click


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Maud Heath ‘Tytherton’ Red 2017
Maud Heath ‘Tytherton’ Red 2017

This is the fourth year in a row that a quality red has been produced from this vineyard. As I understand it, no other English vineyard has ever produced this many quality reds in successive years. The maxim is if you can produce a quality red you can do all the other stuff really well. This is it is because it all about the ability to ripen the grapes. If you can ripen red grapes to a level that it produces great reds, then the whites, spark-lings and  rose wines are going to be superb.

I can send only send one bottle per address, for people to try this wonderful red.


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Maud Heath White 2016 Bacchus
Maud Heath White 2016 Bacchus

Lovely fresh tropical fruit aromas on the nose.The palate displays wonderful flavours of gooseberry and green apple, with a hint of elderflower and herbaceous twist, leading to a crisply dry refreshing finish.

Free delivery 10 miles from SN11 0BJ (min order 12 bottles)

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