Maud Heath ‘Tytherton’ Red


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The Maud Heath vineyard is nestled upon beautiful slopes overlooking Maud Heath’s causeway,between the villages of East Tytherton and Bremhill in the Wiltshire countryside.The wine is made from our Rondo and Pinot Noir grapes, carefully handpicked in the autumn of 2016 after a long, warm growing season.

Deep crimson red in colour with aromas of cassis and red plum on the nose.The palate is medium bodied with a soft silky texture and a long finish. The wine as been gently aged in french oak barrels for 3 months to add more depth and complexity.

In England, our vineyards can do  good sparkling consistently,no problem. White wines in my experience, are 50% bang on delivering high quality and 50% are simply not. A good red wine pops up once every few years from the odd vineyard that is of any consequence.

The holy grail in English wine making is producing a red consistently.The maxim is if you can produce a crackingly good red then you can easily produce quality whites and sparkling. But not all vineyards that produce top sparkling wines can produce a decent red.




Matthew Jukes  confirmation  that Maud Heath’s 1st red ‘Tytherton Red’ was to date, simply England’s finest red. This New release ‘Tytherton Red’ is another stunning example of a quality English red.






Not only this, when you take into account that in spite of the worst weather conditions the English and Northern French vineyards have suffered in 30 odd years, Maud Heath Vineyard has successfully harvested a full yield of quality grap

es that are now being used to make the third stunning red in a row. (The Severe frost that took out the budding in April of most vines hardly touched this vineyard…)



Last year I predicted that this vineyard will be the first to produce a quality red every single year…… The Holy Grail of English wine making ……… This surely now goes to The Maud Heath Vineyard.


Of all the fields in all of England, who would have thought this field two miles down the road from The New Wine Shop in Calne, would have this claim to fame.




What I love about The Maud heath vineyard story, is it’s the David and Goliath story line, the big boys with all their money etc should have been able to claim this ‘producing a great red every year’ title but it has gone to  a hard working family, slowly but surely, doing one of the hardest things to do in my mind which is growing a successful vineyard on a budget.

Their facebook page is Maud Heath vineyard


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