Hermitage 1914 Borderies cognac


The New Wine shop has tried some cognacs in its time. This is the one to beat.

The liquid is the most exquisite cognac we have ever tasted. The ‘ Rancio’ is stunning.

(Rancio is the flavour, mark of uniqueness, rarity and complexity. Rancio is the smell of the time.)

So much quality, so little stocks, so much to miss, so much richness, so much balance…. so…… I have given it the golden buzzer treatment,  I have included it in the Bucket List


Cognac Masters 2012 – Master Award

This exceptionally rare and sought after cognac was found in an old cellar to the north of Cognac. Just don’t hang about, there are not many bottles left in the world.

“My most prized bottle is a 1914 Cognac Hermitage Borderies which has an incredible spectrum of flavours, from toffee to walnuts.” Olly Smith, Journalist & TV Presenter

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There is an aroma of rich pineapple syrup and Turkish coffee with nutmeg
This cognac has aged for a very long time in old cellars. The barrels were Limoursin oak and the cellar conditions were damp
Traditional Charentais stills. Probably about 15 hltr. The balance and style suggests that the still head was relatively narrow
Burnt sugar and toffee with a hint of chocolate and brazil nuts. This has all the true characteristics of a true Borderies cognac and shows an intense Rancio. The balance is extraordinarily fine and leaves a highly rich and flavoursome cognac
Grape Variety
Ugni Blanc
Reduction and Strength
No reduction in the producers cellar but we have reduced it 1.5% to improve the balance and enhance the flavour
The soil in this region has a greater clay content than the very chalky Grande Champagne region but the land is protected and does not suffer from such severe frosts


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