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So many Gins, So little time!

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A quick and easy way to know your Gins

We have over 100 different gins in stock.

The versaltility and quality of gin has always been known but we are experiencing a revival as people come to realise how many quality gins there are on the market, over 3000 at my last count.
Each gin can be drunk long, short or sipped. With the different tonics and garnishes available it just take these drinks to new levels of enjoyment.

There are 5 main types of Gin

  • London dry gin-sharp,crisp,dry and taste mainly of juniper
  • Old tom gin-much sweeter and fuller than london dry
  • New western/American gin-juniper is less prominent and other interesting botanicals are used to add flavour
  • Gin liqueurs– is a flavoured style made by soaking the fruit and sugar in gin. The alcohol level is lower
  • Jenever or Genever-is the fullest and richest of  five gins for flavour, but gives lovely results.(some are aged in wood)


The Gin flavours can also be split into 5 styles

  1. Juniper– berryish
  2. Citric-lemon/orangy
  3. spicy-ginger/pepper notes
  4. Floral– herby/grassy
  5. Other-Vanilla/fruity


5 different types of tonic

You can use standard supermarket tonics ,but  when you realise that  3/4 of a gin & Tonic  is tonic,Mix with the best.

Fevertree provide the perfect addition. If in doubt do a comparison!!

  • Standard/light tonic
  • mediterranian tonic
  • Elderflower tonic
  • Lemon tonic
  • Ginger ale tonic


The most common garnishes used with gin drinks

Slice of pink grapefruit, lemon ,lime , cucumber or apple

Piece of ginger, juniper berries, black pepper corns or jalapenos

Sprig of thyme, rosemary,basil or mint


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