Maud Heath Vineyard has done it again with it’s Tytherton Red.

This is the fourth year in a row that a quality red has been produced from this vineyard. As I understand it, no other English vineyard has ever produced this many quality reds in successive years. The maxim is if you can produce a quality red you can do all the other stuff really well. This is because it all about the ability to ripen the grapes. If you can ripen red grapes to a level that it produces great reds, then the whites, spark-lings and  rose wines are going to be superb. And the vintage being produced at this very moment is likely to be the best red vintage yet…..

What is more incredible about this vineyard is I believe it is setting a standard by which all other English wines will be judged.

Matthew Jukes writes in Vineyard Septembers edition, about the ‘Tytherton red’ 2017

Released for sale on 31st October, this is without doubt the most successful red blend from within our shores.Made from 56% Rondo and 44% Pinot Noir and gently aged in three to five year old French oak barrels for five months, this wine has been born with perfect balance. Rondo is the star here, adding some depth and muscle to its pretty Pinot partner and this extra Level of richness and spice  brings a faint Syrah-esque attraction to the whole. While many wines are proud of their Pinot component , rightly prizing its rarity and efforts in the glass, this wine parades Rondo’s Largesse and gentility and other wineries should take not. No matter how I personally adore the Pinot Noir grape, i crave other varieties with alarming regularity. Tytherton red gives us all a chance to taste something a little different an i have a feeling that it will blaze a trail for many to follow.’

What this is really alluding to is similar to what became apparent with Australian wines, that the Shiraz /cab blend  became the favourite blend for the consumer. Like wise the Rondo/ Pinot Noir blend will be the UK’s equivalent.

What is special about this vineyard is it is producing Rondo like no other, The Pinot Noir is also flourishing. What ever the magic mix you need in the soil, the micro climate to help ripen the grapes etc this site has it in bucket loads. I heard someone who had been to most vineyards in England say that this site has the most  number of natural attributes that you could wish for in a vineyard. The only thing missing was a Winery on site and a tunnel in the chalk slopes to house the wonderful produce!

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