The Pig in Gin, Calne

The inspiration for this gin came from the theft and subsequent recovery of the two pigs statue from the Calne town centre in October 2017.

The most memorable piggy stories tend to be about three pigs. The third pig of Calne in this story might be found at The New Wine Shop, Calne. Just ask Where’s The Pig in Gin. If you find this Pig, be sure to report him to the nearest licenced establishment and have him put behind bars immediately.

This is a carefully crafted gin which uses amongst other botanicals tarragon, which helps gives an altogether smoother finish. This is balanced with a soft but persistent pink grapefruit tang, which this causes that lovely mouthwatering desire for another sip.

Serve it with standard natural tonic. you can try a citrus tonic, cucumber tonic or elderflower as options.

Garnish wise, it would garnish nicely with a slice of citrus fruits (lemon, red grapefruit ) and a sprig of rosemary will add another dimension. A small amount of Cucumber and mint have been added to the botanicals used to create the gin. This gives an interesting garnish combination for the gin.

Botanicals – Juniper, tarragon, red grapefruit, rosemary, orange and lemon peel, cucumber and mint, also a small handful of lavender.

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