The Gin Sat Nav – A quick and easy way to know your Gins

So many Gins, So little time………..

You need a Gin Sat Nav !

What is this book about?

Currently there are over a 3000 different Gins available to try and sample. Each may require one of at least seven different styles of tonics and/or garnishes to ensure the perfect G &T.

If you tried a new Gin every week it would take you over 19 years to sample every combination. So how do you make sense of a 3000 Gins? Just like a pile of jigsaw pieces – where do you start, what do you try next?

Ideally, you need to know at a glance what the possible combinations are, just like the lid on a jigsaw box shows how all the pieces fit together.


Then you need a road map, or ideally a Sat Nav, that shows whereback page facebook

you are and the route you can take to get where you want to go.

This book introduces you to the ‘Gin Sat Nav’ that ultimately will help you identify your Gin Preference Style.

So…..Why is this the best approach? Read on and see how the world of Gin has changed in recent times.

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