‘Bringing Home The Bacon’ book
‘Bringing Home The Bacon’ book

the story of the theft of Wiltshire’s Bronze Pigs
by Dee La Vardera
illustrated by Richard Cowdy

Robbed, recovered, restored
The much-loved bronze pigs taken from Calne in October
2017, found their way home, thanks to the power of social
A story for all ages written by Dee La Vardera and
illustrated by Richard Cowdy, sculptor of Two Pigs.

Available for collection  at the shop or http://www.dewfall-hawk.com/

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10 Gin Sat Nav Books for £45.00  incl postage (UK only)
10 Gin Sat Nav Books for £45.00 incl postage (UK only)

Special deal for those who want to sell the books through their outlets, or give staff a little bonus.( For Trade enquiries  Save further £5 use contact form )

With this book as your guide, you can master the jigsaw that is the world of Gin, Tonics and Garnishes.
Whether you are an ardent Gin fan or just starting out on your Gin tasting journey, this book simplifies the process of working out what goes with what, where your preferences are in relation to others and how best to chronicle your journey.

After reading this book, the pieces will click into place and you will cruise through the world of Gin Fests and Gin tastings like a Pro.

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A premium set of 12 specially selected superior culinary botanicals to add to your gin drinks. This set provides you an exciting mix of world botanicals created especially for you to infuse your gin and tonic or gin cocktail.These botanicals will lift the flavour of any gin, whilst adding complexity and enhancing its taste. You can also experiment by trying various flavour combinations across the range of botanicals provided. Each botanical is presented in its own lidded tin to maintain freshness. Full instructions are also provided as well as a description of each botanical. Simply select which botanicals you wish to infuse your gin and tonic with, then sprinkle the recommended portion size into your drink or bottle of gin.This luxury gin gift set makes for a fantastic talking point at cocktail parties as well as a brilliant accompaniment to any bottle of gin.

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Anno Kent Dry Gin
Anno Kent Dry Gin




This Gin has the juniper flavour not quite sitting in the back seat, but the other flavours such as the elderflower bursts and other gentle floral, savoury  spicy overlays are just bubbling above the juniper base line. This gin sits in The Gin Sat Nav grid position D3


The  16 botanicals used are sourced from  Kent, which includes local hops, elder-flower, lavender, rosehip and the unusual addition of samphire.


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Aristocratico Appassimento Salento
Aristocratico Appassimento Salento

Full-bodied and rich with ripe, jammy fruit

only for free delivery 10 miles of sn11 0bj

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Calne’s  Pig in Gin
Calne’s Pig in Gin


Where’s The Pig in Gin?

Only available at The New Wine Shop.

Trade: Contact thenewwineshop@gmail.com

( AWRS number is XEAW 000 0011 2721)

Online orders are sent out 1st class signed for by Royal Mail.( Royal mail only allow a single bottle per posting )

Outside of Xmas period,  Delivery is usually two to three days.



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Castel Firmian Chardonnay
Castel Firmian Chardonnay

Tasting Notes:Elegant, fruity nose with hints of red apples, apricot, white melon and citrus fruit. The palate is dry and crisp.

Awards & Press: Silver Medal, International Wine Challenge 2015

Free delivery up to 10 miles from  SN11 0BJ. No deliveries outside of this 10 mile radius.

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Cognac Marie Louise 60 plus Y.o
Cognac Marie Louise 60 plus Y.o

Cognac Masters 2018 – Masters Award

Likely to be one of the finest cognacs you have tasted.” The Saturday Telegraph Luxury supplement, December 2017

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Copper Head- the alchemist’s Gin Set
Copper Head- the alchemist’s Gin Set



Copperhead London Dry, I have positioned it in the grey area on the grid C3.

This is because it picks up on all four major flavour profiles in terms of its taste. The juniper and orange zest  flavours are in balance which gives a slight sweetness in the finish.The over all effect is one of elegance, ie no one thing overpowering another.

This is a great party piece set. An Alchemist definition is ‘the practice of any seemingly magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new’.

This Gin Set is a lot of fun!

With this gin, if you get standard tonic water and ice with the copperhead gin, and a slice of lemon, you get a superb classic gin and tonic. That is version one.
Version two, you get the same measure of gin but add one drop of one of the bitters in the set, and then repeat the ice, lemon and tonic.you get a completely different tasting gin and tonic. Version 3 and 4 are by using the other two bitters.
That’s four different drinks. Now change the tonic water, say a Fevertree Mediterranean tonic water and repeat the same process , that gives you a total of 8 combinations! Now try with say an Elderflower tonic water that gives you a total of 12 combinations. how much fun is that. One bottle of gin three bitters 12 different serves.

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Dauntless Gin
Dauntless Gin

Price includes 2nd class post for UK only, (can only be sent as single bottles)


Dauntless gin sits nicely in position C2  of The Gin Sat Nav grid.

Dauntless is a premium quality and strength London Dry Gin. Dauntless’ 43% alcohol level distinguishes it from lower strength alternatives. The grain spirit is made only from English Wheat, sourced from the North of England.

The distillation process is using traditional copper pot stills, some dating back to the 1800’s. There are fourteen botanicals in the mix including specially selected blue and white poppies. We believe these give a unique element to the taste but they are also there for remembrance.

London Dry Gin is all about the production process used, and this is the best there is, it’s where a traditional still is used and where the re-distillation process is using only approved natural flavourings. No colours or sweeteners are added.

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Gin Sat Nav and Botanical set
Gin Sat Nav and Botanical set



Great gift Idea, the book and gin botanicals set for £29.99  (1 x box of 12 botanicals and 1 copy of The Gin Sat Nav book)

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Gin Tutorial Intermediate 10th July 2019 or Round 2 !
Gin Tutorial Intermediate 10th July 2019 or Round 2 !

Having done the Basic tutorial, you get a good idea of the styles of Gin out there, the ideal tonic/gin ratios and the dramatic effects garnish can make.

The Intermediate tutorial develops on this by showing how and allowing you to taste new gins and allocate them to one of the 25 grids on The Gin Sat Nav chart. The Art of Discernment is not so much about yes I like it, or No I do not. But rather ‘ i think this is more like this style because or this is well balanced, distinctive because etc’ so developing a vocabulary that is appropriate and fun.

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