Anno Kent Dry Gin
Anno Kent Dry Gin




This Gin has the juniper flavour not quite sitting in the back seat, but the other flavours such as the elderflower bursts and other gentle floral, savoury  spicy overlays are just bubbling above the juniper base line. This gin sits in The Gin Sat Nav grid position D3


The  16 botanicals used are sourced from  Kent, which includes local hops, elder-flower, lavender, rosehip and the unusual addition of samphire.


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Calne’s  Pig in Gin
Calne’s Pig in Gin


Where’s The Pig in Gin?

Only available at The New Wine Shop.

Online orders are sent out 1st class signed for by Royal Mail.( Royal mail only allow a single bottle per posting )

Outside of Xmas period,  Delivery is usually two to three days.



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Copper Head- the alchemist’s Gin Set
Copper Head- the alchemist’s Gin Set



Copperhead London Dry, I have positioned it in the grey area on the grid C3.

This is because it picks up on all four major flavour profiles in terms of its taste. The juniper and orange zest  flavours are in balance which gives a slight sweetness in the finish.The over all effect is one of elegance, ie no one thing overpowering another.

This is a great party piece set. An Alchemist definition is ‘the practice of any seemingly magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new’.

This Gin Set is a lot of fun!

With this gin, if you get standard tonic water and ice with the copperhead gin, and a slice of lemon, you get a superb classic gin and tonic. That is version one.
Version two, you get the same measure of gin but add one drop of one of the bitters in the set, and then repeat the ice, lemon and get a completely different tasting gin and tonic. Version 3 and 4 are by using the other two bitters.
That’s four different drinks. Now change the tonic water, say a Fevertree Mediterranean tonic water and repeat the same process , that gives you a total of 8 combinations! Now try with say an Elderflower tonic water that gives you a total of 12 combinations. how much fun is that. One bottle of gin three bitters 12 different serves.

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Dauntless Gin
Dauntless Gin

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Dauntless gin sits nicely in position C2  of The Gin Sat Nav grid.

Dauntless is a premium quality and strength London Dry Gin. Dauntless’ 43% alcohol level distinguishes it from lower strength alternatives. The grain spirit is made only from English Wheat, sourced from the North of England.

The distillation process is using traditional copper pot stills, some dating back to the 1800’s. There are fourteen botanicals in the mix including specially selected blue and white poppies. We believe these give a unique element to the taste but they are also there for remembrance.

London Dry Gin is all about the production process used, and this is the best there is, it’s where a traditional still is used and where the re-distillation process is using only approved natural flavourings. No colours or sweeteners are added.

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Jekka’s Edition 6 ‘O’ Clock gin
Jekka’s Edition 6 ‘O’ Clock gin

Fabulously Fresh Herbal Gin
6 O’clock Gin has launched a new edition of their ‘strikingly
smooth’ London Dry Gin, in collaboration with Jekka McVicar,
the internationally-renowned expert in the cultivation and use
of herbs.
6 O’clock London Dry Gin: Jekka’s Edition is an aromatic,
herbal gin made in small batches at the family-run 6 O’clock
distillery. Freshly picked herbs from Jekka McVicar’s famous
herb farm is delivered early in the morning and distilled on
the same day with the ‘strikingly smooth’ London Dry Gin.
A ‘fabulously fresh’ flavour is achieved with gentle herbal and
floral aromas and a refreshing herb and lemon taste.
Jekka McVicar, crowned “the queen of herbs” by Jamie Oliver,
has been growing herbs organically since 1984. She is a well-known
personality in the gardening world having won more
than 60 Gold Medals for herb exhibits at RHS flower shows.
She is a best-selling author and a regular guest on TV and radio
gardening and cookery programmes.
“It was an opportunity I couldn’t miss” commented Jekka. “The
distillery is just down the road from my farm and the 6 O’clock
team are as knowledgeable and passionate about gin as I am
about herbs. I knew together we would create something really
special. The herbs are all picked and delivered early, ready for
distillation on the same day, so the resulting aromatic dry gin
has a fabulously fresh herbal flavour. I’d recommend adding a
sprig of mint as the final touch for a truly delicious G&T!”
6 O’clock London Dry Gin: Jekka’s Edition (40% ABV) comes
in a 70cl bottle with an RSP of £38. Available from all good
stockists of artisan spirits or direct from

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Keepr’s Honey Gin
Keepr’s Honey Gin



When you first come across this Gin, your mind thinks it’s going to be too sweet like honey. Press in, you’re in for a surprise.

Check out the description below.

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Pinkster Gin
Pinkster Gin

(Price for 70cl bottle plus p&p)

This gin clearly belongs in the fruity exotic corner. because although it has an intense juniper background, the fruitiness of the raspberries is the first thing you encounter on tasting.

This Pinkster gin sits nicely in position B4

Nice dry gin made with 5 botanicals including raspberries.

This is a gluten-free gin, perfect with a mint and raspberry garnish and best with fever tree elderflower tonic.

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Ramsbury Gin
Ramsbury Gin

This gin is smooth enough to try neat. It is light to medium intensity. Add 1 equal measure of tonic water and you can tell the flavour profile is clearly balanced between the classic juniper and the quince ( How to assess a gin see page 16/17 of The Gin Sat Nav book).On The Gin Sat Nav grid, it is in the crossroads section I would position it as a B3.

But what is great about this gin is what I call the ‘Railway track experience’ on the palate.

When you make up the gin and tonic, make it 1 part gin, 4 parts normal tonic.

Taking a reasonable size sip, you clearly get the classic gin and tonic effect going down one side of your mouth. Simultaneously going down the other track is a clear taste of the delicate quince, almost pink grapefruitiness type flavour. It is distinct but separate on the other side of your mouth!

No idea how it does this but the effect is fantastic. and there’s more this served with a slice of apple or pear absolutely lifts this drink to new heights of enjoyment.

Experiment with different apples, try a pink lady apple, then with a green apple and see what a difference a slice makes.


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Sea Glass gin
Sea Glass gin


This Sea Glass gin sits in the A2 position on The Gin Sat Nav Grid

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Award-winning signature gin inspired by the beautiful surroundings. Taste is juniper, warm spices, hints of citrus and pepper.

Garnish Notes: – Fresh coriander, orange, lemon, and blueberries have been favoured, along with ice and a good tonic, such as Fever Tree.

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The Gin Sat Nav
The Gin Sat Nav

£ 5.99 plus 99p UK delivery. Great Gift idea.

With this book as your guide, you can master the jigsaw that is the world of Gin, Tonics and Garnishes.
Whether you are an ardent Gin fan or just starting out on your Gin tasting journey, this book simplifies the process of working out what goes with what, where your preferences are in relation to others and how best to chronicle your journey.

After reading this book, the pieces will click into place and you will cruise through the world of Gin Fests and Gin tastings like a Pro.





  • Publisher: Barsystems Publishing
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9955523-5-7
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